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 Post subject: BURIED 1295
PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:32 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 28, 2013 2:53 pm
Posts: 18
This is the newest map. We've been running it for a while now. Today, I played a game, and this dude taught me so much! Shit I had pap'ed 3 weapons by level 7. I was running every perk possible. And I have 259,000 in the bank!

Galvaknuckles near the first box.

SVU by the jail. AN94 courthouse, the other weaps.. who the fuck cares.

With all that cash, you can just keep on buying booze and candy for ur boy, Leeroy!

Keep a walker, and a creeeper around.

Giving money is easy peezy.

You can give a few thousand away, and then give Leroy Candy, have him turn it. Hopefully to max ammo.

You can hold off on the roof across from main, leave the couch in place. Put a head chopper at the end of the roof, they come to you, easy head shots.

One person at a time, through the witch house. Slow. Steady. I can run in with 9,000, get hit maybe once, and pap a weapon.

always more ammo when you pap.

RPG pap= Auto fire rpg. with perma flop AWESOME!

SVU pap - auto fire, zoom lens

Mtar pap* = (i wanted to see, plus this guy was running the time bomb to just give out money.) :lol: laser with noob tube or mms

hamr* pap = sledge hamr, red dot, acog,

old rave gun pap = red with Perma flopper, wont hurt you.

mach 2 =red

paralyzer pap = more time, more uses

* can pap multiple times.

I wanna try the fn fal, and the wartube.. LOL. Because im sick.

When you can, make Leroy hang onto a zombie, so nothing happens.

There are some parts that fit BOTH the Guillotine, and THE noose, by the courthouse. So, you gotta work together to do one or the other. WE did the noose, by the courthouse. IT was great. Very intense.

So, you GOTTA have 4. period, to do the Easter eggs.

The 4 crystal balls, shock with the paralyzer, a team of 2 must complete this task. 1 guy has a boom box, 1 guy has a turbine.
turn the crystals white with the paralyzer, then set up the resonator and turbione, so the boom hits the glass, and shatters them.

1 by the left side of church, 1 near saloon, 1 up in caves near saloon, 1 on the other side of the witch house, far right, in the bushes, by the broken stairs that go nowhere,. Break them all. (1 at a time thru the witch house. period)

a lantern will appear, from a window on the courthouse. Cook a nade, and let it drop. Pick it up.

you need this. BTW, we are only on level 9.

you need to power the lantern. Using leroy, the head chopper, resonator, turbine, trambplesteam, the person holding the lantern, be near these things, to power the lantern for this one.

there's a spot on the gunsmith roof to place the lantern. A code appears.

There are signs in the caves, with galvaknuckles punch them, until a red mist appears, you have to figure out the order. I did not understand this at all. But i followed the dude, and took TONS of screeenies. Check out my steam.

using the paralyzer, train the zombs, and carry the natern towards the noose, its funny. LOL enjoy

Oh, fuck, i have to edit. LOL. I did, you dont know. anyhow. More to come.


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